One side project per year

I will finish my book

I just read the “One side project per year” blog post by Samantha Zhang and decided that I too have that problem.

So, not that I’m big on new year’s declarations or anything (which is why I’m doing this in early December instead :)), I decided that out of all of the half finished projects I have laying around I would like to finish my book first.

What book?

I started writing a book about a year ago, or a little more, for everyone who has had the kind of developer education that is offered by most higher education institutions. That is long on theory and fundamentals and short on actionable advice for anyone who takes their job seriously.

So it’s a beginner’s manual to craftsmanship basically. In the first part I handle some of the reasons for why code quality is important and why we should care about delivering value etc. This is already a completed first draft with some feedback and I have even started fleshing it out in a second draft.

The second part is going to be more about concrete techniques and tools, like TDD, BDD, refactoring etc, all reconnecting to the ideological foundation from the first part.

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Spoiler: The book is not yet complete … It is now 2019. I don’t always fail, but when I do I do it hard!