1. In linguistics, a unit of language longer than a single sentence.
  2. More broadly, the use of spoken or written language in a social context.

This is the technical blog for Accodeing to you, a small consultancy in Sweden. We help companies with architecture, training, test driven development and agile processes. On occasion we get to code a bit as well :)

We do project rescue when something has gone wrong or gotten stuck. But generally we prefer it if we get a call before the large demo saw is needed to cut into whatever wreak the project has turned into. We excel at starting projects on the right track and keeping them there (probably since we have been on so many disaster commissions).

We are foremen in the software industry and this is where we write about the values we hold and why they are important.

Copy with style in Atom

Ever had to include code in a document or presentation? Ever wished there was an easy way to copy it from the editor with syntax highlighting? Well, now there is! Read on ...

Applying to Toptal

A short post about why Jonas is applying to Toptal. Don't worry, he is not going anywhere! He is just looking for some new challenges to complement the current work. Have a read and you'll see what I mean...

Removing a team from the Mac Slack app

Problems removing a defunct team form Slack under Os X? Is it returning like a ghost from the past whenever you restart Slack? Got constant new messages indicated because of it? Fret no more, I'll tell you how to permanently banish that pesky, attention seeking remnant with a text editor and a few minutes of your time.

No better than the rest of us ...

This year has not been great when it comes to my single side project promise :/

Does programming suck?

This blog post is a reply for Luis Solano's post "Why Does Programming Suck?". I give my 2 cents and show some examples from the article where I think Luis is wrong on facts.

One side project per year

I just read the "One side project per year" blog post by Samantha Zhang and decided that I too have that problem.

CSS3 proven to be turing complete.

Sometimes I'm right and other times I'm wrong, this was one of the other times... and it is important to stand by your mistakes :)

Duty calls - CSS3 is NOT proven to be turing complete!

I keep running in to posts, comments, articles and even videos about CSS being Turing complete and they all cite each other or the same original source, Eli Fox-Epsteins HTML/CSS Rule 110 automaton... The thing is that none of them seem to have talked to Eli or read the rules of turing completeness. Well I have, and all those posts are wrong. Read on and I'll show you why :)

On the simple task of generating random numbers, part 1

As the lead developer on Replay pokers new poker server I have the distinct pleasure of learning just how little I know about random number generation. Or rather "just how little I knew" since I have recently had the opportunity to "wise up", as i where, and thought some of my inadequacies and errors of thinking might be educational to you as well.

Craftsmanship - Part 5

In this, last, instalment of my blog series about the fundamentals of building good software we will talk about how to keep your good code good, refactoring. Refactoring is to change the structure of the code without changing the computational result of the code. In practise it is a large set of transformations, both concrete and abstract, that you apply to your code regularly to keep it in shape.

Craftsmanship - Part 4

As promised in part 3 of this series we are going to talk about architecture today. More specifically we are going to talk about why it matters as much as what it is.

Craftsmanship - Part 3

We spent a fair bit of time talking about the Agile movement and it's, in my opinion at least, virtues. I gave a very, very short intro to TDD and referred to the software craftsmanship movement more than once. Today we will spend some time talking about why we want it, why the agile movement has failed, in some respect at least, and what the software craftsmanship movement is all about and if you should care.

Craftsmanship - Part 2

Today I thought we would handle the two remaining points on the Agile manifesto. We will talk about the import of good people first and then turn our attention to the elephant in the Agile room; test driven development.

Testing the DOM in JavaScript

Ever had that sinking feeling when you look at your QUnit test suite and see all of that templated HTML in there to set up parts of the page for testing? Which there was a better way? Well, not unreasonably, there is! Read on ...

From concept code to finished gem

Another "how to make a gem" tutorial. This time with a real example, rspec-simplecov, from start to finish.

Failing an RSpec suite on poor code coverage.

Ever wanted to have your RSpec suite fail when the code coverage with Simplecov was too low? Now you can, using some pretty clean RSpec internals.

Craftsmanship - Part 1

This is the first part in a series of blog posts that I’m going to write about Agile, Software craftsmanship and how to write better, maintainable software.

The pain of DHH

The recent, ehrm ... attacks?, on TDD by David Heinemeier Hansson has stirred up quite a few responses from people like Robert C Martin, Martin Fowler, Corey Haines and Gary Bernhardt. While I might lack the, professional, weight of these gentlemen I think there is more to be said in the vein of Gary Bernhardts response. So here it is, my take, filled with facts, rhetoric and points.